A Silver Player's Opinion On All The Agents

Posted by Steve

Sunday, April 11, 2021 5:48 AM

All of this is my personal experience in competitive games and what people do with the agents.

Reyna - Usually either pop off and top frag or are at the bottom of the leaderboard. There is no inbetween. The latter usually baits and doesn't blind whenever they entry (if they do in the first place)

Raze - I usually see Raze players being competent and knowing how to use their kit. These players are usually chill.

Yoru - Not played enough for me to have an opinion.

Pheonix - Flashes you and your teammates. 100% guaranteed. Heck, they even flash themselves half of the time. Like making stupid plays.

Jett - Instalocked and usually toxic. Loves to bait and use the operator.

Breach - I never have a Breach teammate, but always an enemy Breach. Breach players are literally a nightmare and magically have coordination with the rest of their team. You can run or hide, but you are not allowed to see.

Sova - Usually have a reliable recon lineup. Usually don't have a reliable shock dart lineup. Half the time post-plant they will be somewhere else doing a lineup to kill the defuser which NEVER works.

Skye - The amount of time a Skye can waste by slowing down pushes is insane. Usually a bird comes down flying from the sky and you and your team are left to die blinded. They usually know what they're doing as your average 12 year old wouldn't find Skye appealing enough to play.

Sage - Don't know what they are doing half of the time. Is only there to heal teammates, and on the rare occasion LITERALLY TOPFRAGS AND DESTROYS ANYTHING IN SIGHT. If not, they are usually a Grim wannabe.

Cypher - Usually have good lineups and oneways, and can hold site really well. However, their aim is the opposite of their site holding ability.

Killjoy - People in silver are too dumb to break turrets and counter common setups. Killjoy players usually camp onsite and let their utility get kills for them. They use the same lineups on every round (bottom of hookah, ascent b lane, ect.)

Astra - Not played that often, and when played are really uncoordinated and often make solo plays. Doesn't have much of an impact like intended.

Brimstone - Always chill and play for fun. They aren't the best, but never the worst. They like making team plays.

Omen - Like to play solo. They usually lurk and are often disregarded by the enemy team as a serious threat. Due to the amount of overrotating in this elo, they always catch a guy off guard.

Viper - The queen of post-plant. These players devote hours of their time all just to learn lineups to make them even more powerful. If a viper is left alive post plant, you aren't winning that round.


  • https://www.reddit.com/r/VALORANT/comments/mo1jdp/a_silver_players_opinion_on_all_the_agents/
  • https://reddit.com/mo1jdp

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