Agent Idea Truffles [Sentinel]

Posted by Steve

Tuesday, April 4, 2023 9:09 PM

all concept art made with Ai

  1. [Skye dog cost: 300] Truffles (boar) "Charge!": Doesn't bounce off walls; it stops if it hits a wall, but the distance is quite far. It will lunge towards an enemy detected within a very small radius. The angle is 360 and the lunge is very quick. EFFECT: Hit target takes 30 damage and is left bleeding, which reveals them once per 2 seconds for 6 seconds or until they patch the wound [cypher cam effect]

  2. [Neon stun cost: 200] Spore grenade: Exact same physics as raze paintshell. It deals 1 damage and, impairs enemies hit for 2 seconds [full blind duration]. Secondary explosions leave a lingering spore cloud for 4 seconds which impairs everyone that isn't [Truffles] that passes through it for 2 seconds (logic is he has a gas mask or is immune). EFFECT: Impaired players have a 200ms delay between pressing the fire button and shooting a bullet. Their crosshair is removed for the duration.

  3. [Free] Bear Trap: 1 trap that cannot be placed pre round. The trap cannot be picked up and has the unique effect of working after [Truffles'] death (no deactivation radius). The trap takes 2 seconds [orb time] to set and is invisible unless in [cypher trip detection range]. It can be damaged with utility and guns, it has 39hp (phantom or vandal 1 shot). EFFECT: The bear trap does 30 damage and immobilizes the target for 2 seconds [orb time]. They can still shoot and use abilities as normal; it makes a noise when triggered.

  4. [ULT: 8 orbs] Poison Spores: All enemies that have taken damage this round are decayed for 39hp then take 1 damage. Enemies at full health are unaffected.

Agent Name Ideas: Truffles/DeathCap/Swine/Stalker

Nationality: Italian/French (since that is where truffles are hunted)



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