Balancing Low vs High Sensitivity for Aim vs Movement

Posted by Steve

Friday, November 27, 2020 6:31 AM

I'm a hard stuck Platinum player and I am struggling to find a perfect balance between having solid aim vs solid movement, I can't seem to perfect one, without sacrificing the other which is undoubtedly stopping my progression to higher ranks. I have peaked at Plat 3 and float around Plat 1 and 2.

In game sensitivity: 0.58
DPI: 400
EDPI: 232

I'm a Raze main and I find at this EDPI my aim is good but I struggle with my sensitivity being too low to perfect common raze manoeuvres such as blast-packing around the map as I find myself dragging my mouse from one side to the other of my mousepad and still failing them. If I adjust to a higher EDPI, I can execute blast-packing and such perfectly, but I then struggle with aim as I find it's too high for tracking and flicking accurately. I can't find a perfect balance/in-between EDPI.

I hoped I would get used to the lower EDPI and perfect manoeuvres but even with extensive time spent on practice, I still find it too low for myself to use effectively. I've been playing since the beta and find myself very frustrated with this issue as my game sense is definitely Plat level but I find myself either failing blast-pack manoeuvres and having good aim, or vice versa.

Any advice on how to overcome this issue would help a lot!



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