For the love of GOD. Please improve DM. We are coming up on 2 years since Val released with no changes.. That or give me a TDM..

Posted by Steve

Thursday, January 20, 2022 4:21 AM

It's TERRIBLE. Beyondd me how you can half ass an entire gamemode like DM and not make ANY changes to it for like years. lol

I haven't had a single organic duel in DM not one. Why? because people have their sound cranked up to 100. Do I blame them? No. But the Fact I am spawning and someone hears me and holds that angle or just wide swings me because I am there is actually a Joke.

Spawns are Trash. Half the time you get shot in the back because you go left and a guy is right holding the angle.. Or just simply again HEARS YOU AND FUCKING HOLDS.

Competitive, you make DM this Sweat fest first to 40 wins. I honestly don't care that people can leave in a DM. but why don't you just take Score cap out of it and let people come and go as they god damn please.. It's a warmup mode anyways? let me test some sensitivity shoot some people and Dip if I want. or stay in there for hours.

Sound. The footsteps in Valorant are LOUD AF. not an issue, but in DM it is... If I am DMing on haven I legit can sit in CT and hear Long or outside B. Ridiculous...

I know you can't do anything about corner camping or the cheesy way you play, but Spawns/Sound are a Massive Issue and honestly? the mentality "it gets the job done" is so bad it blows my mind. Sure it gets the job done but you are not helping anyone by going into DM and just wide swinging off sound or Spawns... WTF even is the point of trying to clear corners when you have Jimmy who just wide swings cause he magically knows you are there.


- Take footsteps out, 100% take them out. just for DM! this will either let people clear there corners better or just get clapped.

- Sound. Take Spawn sounds OUT. Ill die Spawn, move half a step then just randomly wide swung because some dude in Showers heard me spawn from god damn TP...

- Fix the Spawns. Sound/Spawn go hand in hand, but the amount of times I'll die then die less than 2 seconds later from the back is a JOKE. Or when I dumpster someone they just spawn on me and hunt me down.


Just add a TDM... half these DM issues would go away because your team can create map control and you can play more Naturally. Just again, do not add a fricken score limit let people come and go as they please...



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