For people who wanted to try AIMLABS to improve their aim, I tested AIMLABS for 2 weeks

Posted by Steve

Monday, November 2, 2020 8:26 PM

TLDR; It definitely works, but spheretrack is a bad task(for me at least). From plat 1 in act 1 and act 2 and struggling against plats 3s and now I can consistently out-aim diamond 3s in duels. Will continue to do tasks as It works for me. Aiming to get Diamond 3 this Act.

My advise is at the end for people who wants to try this.


So to start off, I was plat 1 act 1 and act 2. My new 144hz curved monitor just arrived and i tried VALORANT, but my sens felt all over the place. Probably because of the curvature. So i thought to myself what better time to test AIMLABS than now since I had to switch sensitivity.

I switched from 400 dpi 0.75 to aceu's sens which was 800 dpi 0.55 (at the time). Switching my sens to this new one made me feel like a noob again so people in ranks lower than mine, feel free to try my regime and see how it works.


To really test the effectiveness of AIMLABS, every time before I play, I only used AIMLABS and jumped straight into competitive.

The tasks I use was GRIDSHOT ULTIMATE, SPHERETRACK ULTIMATE, SPIDERSHOT PRECISION and TIMINGSHOT. I did those everyday for 2 weeks and 5 times each tasks which equals to about 20 minutes.

I tracked my Highest score, Average, and Standard Deviation. I will only show my highest graphs below as I only use standard deviation as a gauge of how consistent I am for that day and i dont want to make the post too long.



This is by far the best tasks to train your flicks, reaction and peripheral vision.


This really helps me with my one taps and even in gridshot if i decided to do spidershot first that day. But truth be told i still cant one tap like how I used to with my lower sens and same goes for the OP.


This task is the most random thing and the hardest thing ever to do. Some times its super slow and youll get high scores because of it, and sometimes it bounces like its on its 4th energy drink for the day. I always run out of mousepad. I have the super huge mousepad and i even move my keyboard away for this task.


This task will help with your predictions, flicks (it gets faster every target and sometimes you have to flick), and also it trains you to only shoot when the target is on your crosshair.


Even with a new sensitivity that im still not used to till this day, im doing better than ever. The tasks do work but i advise to maybe do only 3-4 times each tasks as doing 20min of warmup everyday is pretty tiring and boring, and a warmup is supposed to warm you up, not make you tired. Also, i think deathmatch or in-game training is vital as AIMLABS doesnt train you with VALORANT's gun mechanics and you also have to get used to the movement and 1 tapping the heads.

Also i think spheretrack is a shitty task, just do something else for tracking and smoothing.



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