I ranked up(SoloQ) from Bronze 2 to Plat 1 in Act 3. Just some points that might help other people.

Posted by Steve

Thursday, November 5, 2020 7:00 PM

I know Plat 1 is not that high, but coming from bronze, its quite an achievement.

  1. Don't auto-lock any agent and try to learn atleast 3-4 agents. I only played Omen and Jett earlier but I started playing Cypher, Sova, Killjoy.

  2. I changed my sensitivity. I was playing at 0.4, 1200 dpi. I changed it to 0.26, 1200 dpi(copied flexinja's settings). The same settings might not work for you but try to make your sensitivity as low as possible.

  3. Just mute toxic people. They're not gonna give any helpful callouts.

  4. Stop caring too much about your rank. Just try to win every game you can. And don't let a bad first half let you down. It possible to comeback and win from 9-3 or 10-2 halves.

  5. Frags don't mean everything. When you get frags and how many rounds you clutch out is more important. Try to be calm during clutches and tell your teammates to stfu.

  6. Learn using the operator if you don't. It is a really good weapon and can win you rounds. Also learn Sheriff. It is really good for Eco rounds.

Might update if I remember something.


  • https://www.reddit.com/r/VALORANT/comments/jny1bj/i_ranked_upsoloq_from_bronze_2_to_plat_1_in_act_3/
  • https://reddit.com/jny1bj

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