Instalocking "issue" and how to "fix" it

Posted by Steve

Monday, November 2, 2020 11:05 AM

Sup boys and girls,
I've noticed that, from Bronze to Immortal+, 90% of times someone instalocks (first 3-5 seconds) an agent (we all know who jett raze reyna) and, in my opinion, it completely ruins the competitive integrity of the game.

I mean, the "select agents" screen lasts for 80-75 seconds (I don't remember exactly) and players are supposed to discuss whom to pick and not make it a race.

Lots of times, in my personal experience, I had to pick an agent I didn't really want to play (imagine being a Cypher main just because no one wants to play him) and I'm starting to feel a bit frustrated about it. I love cypher (example) but there are games where I just want to play someone else, there's nothing wrong about it, but I can not.

I've always been a team player and I don't mind playing the same agent over and over as long as I DECIDED it with my team. I just want to establish a good team chemistry before the real match.

A "fix" for this "issue" could be to DISABLE, for the first 15 seconds (maybe 20?), the "LOCK IN" option in order to let the team be able to effectively discuss, even for a little period of time.

I'm not saying that this "fix" could solve everything but it could, for sure, improve the competitive experience of lots of players.

Stay safe and wear a mask, cheers!



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