My Proposed Chamber Rebalance

Posted by Steve

Tuesday, November 22, 2022 8:26 AM

Untradeability is a fundamentally strong property for any player to have access to. Chamber's untradeability has its caveats, as now does Jett's. But the fact is that the combination of Chamber's abilities allow for far too much safety for how much control the agent can exert. This gets exacerbated by the operator, and by extension, his ult ability.

The big design "problem" for Riot to consider is that Chamber's design is very closely related to his gadgets and their functionality. Simply taking away Chamber's teleport would destroy the basis of his design. Another smaller part of the design "problem" is that it seems that Riot wants Chamber to have a unique relationship with the operator.

That last sentence is what inspired me to brainstorm these rebalance ideas that I'm about to share.

The first change:

  • 1.5-2 second cooldown to the activation of rendezvous/teleport immediately after firing a droppable weapon inside anchor radius.

The first effect this change has is remove the most egregious form of Chamber's untradeability. No matter what purchasable/droppable weapon Chamber is holding an angle with, he should be forced to stay engaged in any gunfight if he chooses to use that weapon.

The distinction of "purchasable/droppable weapon" was made because I believe that Chamber's current form of untradeability can still have a place in the game. With this proposed change, the incredibly strong untradeability would then be limited to only the use of his headhunter and tour-de-force/ult.

The big thing I really like about this idea is that it would reinforce the player's ability to use Chamber's special weaponry. Headhunter having only 8 bullets, each costing 150 credits would now become a crucial skill that Chamber's untradeability hinges on. Same deal with the ult.

And this leads to my other proposed change to go with the first one:

  • 0.10 to 0.15 second decrease to headhunter equip time

Admittedly, this change didn't have a lot of creative effort behind it. It's basically just a complementary change to the first one.

This is the direction that I personally want to see Chamber's unique relationship with the operator go in. Being able to cancel the operator recoil/reload animation with a headhunter for extra opportunities to shoot is already incredibly strong. Making this aspect of headhunter "stronger", by making the equip time faster, would also lend well to emphasizing the player's ability to use Chamber's special weaponry.

Instead of using a "Jett-esque" approach to her dash problem, I thought a different approach would be more appropriate for Chamber. Activating a time limit to use the teleport in fits Jett's intended playstyle and design as a duelist. But the same time limit on Chamber wouldn't make sense, as he's meant to fulfill the sentinel role by holding angles with powerful weapons for potentially long periods of time.

Chamber's ult is an incredibly strong ult. It has already been nerfed to have the longest possible ult charge (8 points), and has had its damage normalized to the operator (leg hits no longer one-shot). The fact that is has a faster fire rate than the operator is , in my opinion, good since it also feeds into the design point that Chamber's relationship to the operator is unique. Chamber, with his ult, is the only agent in the game that will have an advantage against an operator in a 1-on-1.

I feel that redirecting the power of Chamber's abilities towards his ultimate, whether directly or indirectly, would be the easier way for Riot to approach the Chamber balance problem. This approach is similar to what they did for Reyna back when her pick rate was insanely high outside of pro-play.

I might argue that this approach is similar to what Riot did for Cypher recently as well. Riot was rather conservative about Cypher's trapwires and cyber cages, but they let Cypher's ult become the focus of his gameplay loop.

TLDR: Chamber needs a "Reyna-esque rebalance, not a Jett-esque rebalance"

  • 1.5-2 second cooldown to activation of rendezvous/teleport immediately after firing a droppable weapon inside anchor radius.
  • 0.10 to 0.15 second decrease to headhunter equip time

Let me know what you guys think about the changes I proposed. And feel free to share your own ideas on how to solve the Chamber balance problem.



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