Stop begging others to choose agents that you don't want to play

Posted by Steve

Wednesday, January 6, 2021 1:00 AM

Unsure if it's been mentioned before but I'm sick of people insta-locking Jett or Raze and then begging the other team mates to choose Sage (and now Skye).

I understand there is a difference with asking or suggesting agents to buff the team's potential (eg suggesting Omen or Brim for smokes) and this is acceptable. HOWEVER you shouldn't be begging people to play as a healer purely because you want to be pocket healed all the time.

If you want an agent in the lineup, you should play that agent. If you don't want to play that agent and beg others to play them instead, don't complain if they don't get chosen

Edit: I didn't realise these posts were often, so my apologies there. I'm new and hadn't seen any in the time I've been here and the week before that so I thought it was okay to post it



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