There's so much stuff done wrong with the guns in VALORANT

Posted by Steve

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 12:31 AM

There's so much stuff done wrong with the guns in VALORANT

I don't even know how this is still happening, but I've always felt like the recoil system got borked after a few patches in VALORANT 1.xx.

The Vandal and Phantom feel too inconsistent when used by either me or a friend of mine, and we're both CSGO players. We've felt like the enemies always had an advantage over us with them, getting headshots everytime while either jumping or running towards us. We've also felt like the taps weren't consistent enough, and that most of the time the RNG would just take over and apply a weird aim punch even though we were just slowly tapping.

We decided to test some stuff in a private deathmatch, and we learnt that this mostly has to do with the aim punch from getting shot at and the randomness of the spray in general (There's no spray pattern afaik?).

Here's the test we've done.

First test: Getting shot at while holding W to go straight and A/D to strafe, then immediately tapping or spraying with the gun. It worked around 70 to 80% of the time, and we honestly weren't expecting since an high percentage. The video is just as a proof of it working almost too consistently in the game.

Second test: We've used an auto-clicker (I don't think it's against the EULA, and we did that in a private lobby anyway so it shouldn't be a big deal) to create an error-proof environment. We've tested the same delay between taps (250ms) on both the Phantom from VALORANT and the M4A1-S from CS:GO, and we saw that the Phantom started behaving erratically after around 6 to 8 taps.

If you guys would like to add more to this topic, I would love to hear your opinion about it!



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