This game is extremely unpleasant for females

Posted by Steve

Sunday, January 24, 2021 8:12 PM

I have been harassed to the point where I no longer voice comm in game out of fear. I’ve seen this issue brought up so many times and it seems that nothing serious has been done about it. I’ve been told to get raped, that I’m a whore, to send nudes, to get back to the kitchen on many occasions. About 30-50% of the time someone had to say something about me being a female. I will usually wait a few rounds before I say anything just to feel out my teammates behaviour. Why can’t everyone be chill about it? It’s really hard to enjoy games when you can’t use voice command to help out other teammates. I know there is an all female discord server but that’s just putting a bandaid on the real problem. This toxicity has ruined the gaming experience for everyone.



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