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Saturday, January 9, 2021 5:33 PM


After much work, I proudly introduce you to


Valorant cards are lineup and setups flashcards, aimed at those like me who have a low memory, and would like to remember details of their favorite lineups during a game,


They are aimed at assisting in learning, and memorizing the various lineups available on the internet.


All cards have difficulty information, type of lineup, name of lineup creator and direct link to youtube content.


There is no video on this website, there are just images, and video links from where you can learn the lineups


At launch of the site there are 452 different valorant cards.


212 Sova Cards

63 Viper Cards

34 Raze Cards

33 Killjoy Cards

30 Phoenix Cards

23 Brimstone Cards

14 Sage Cards


Most cards are in the 1920x1620 standard, with 3 standard photos, the largest photo with the lineup position, the second photo with the agent's position, and the third photo with the result.


The site is divided by characters and maps, as well as a tag search system to facilitate the search for your favorite lineup, as well as tags by difficulty and types of lineups.


There are 5 types of difficulty, beginner, easy, normal, hard and impossible, as well as several types of tags for lineups such as recon, shock, setup, nanoswarm, incendiary and others.


I intend to add many more cards over time, especially for those agents who have few, as well as I want to improve the tag system,place tags by specific location, and attack or defense tags.


If you like the site you can help me by sending ideas for lineups that you would like to see on this site, the contact email is [email protected]


edit: Omen added with 27 cards.



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