Valorant's Contract System Glitching: A Player's Experience

Posted by Steve

Monday, June 26, 2023 8:55 AM

A Video of Contract System Glitching

Dungeonl0rd shared a video on Reddit showcasing their experience with the contract system in Valorant. In the video, they attempt to check their contract, but the screen glitches, displaying incorrect information and making it difficult for them to progress in the game. Players have come across similar glitches in the past, but this particular issue highlights the need for improvement in the system.

Possible Implications

The contract system is an integral part of the Battle Pass, and players rely on it to progress through the tiers. This glitch, while seemingly small, could potentially impact players who may become confused about the tasks they need to complete to unlock rewards. Additionally, it can cause frustration and delay in progression. While players can report issues like these to Valorant's support team, it's important for the developers to address the issue and make the necessary fixes, so players can better enjoy the game.

The Importance of Bug Reporting

Valorant's contract system glitching experience shared by Dungeonl0rd is just one example of the importance of bug reporting. Players should regularly report bugs they come across, no matter how big or small they may seem. This helps developers understand the scope of a particular issue and prioritize their fixes accordingly. Additionally, it helps to build a better community, as developers can take feedback from players and create a game that meets their needs and enjoyment. If you come across an issue in Valorant, we encourage you to report it to the support team using the instructions on their website.


In conclusion, Dungeonl0rd's experience with the contract system glitching in Valorant highlights the need for continuous improvement and bug reporting. Although this issue may seem small, it could affect gameplay and cause frustration for many players. It's important for the developers to address the issue as soon as possible and work towards creating a more stable, enjoyable game for the community. Remember, if you come across any issues, don't hesitate to report them to the support team, who will work towards fixing the issue and ensuring a better gaming experience for everyone.



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