Why Do You Play Specific Roles in Valorant? Insights from the Valorant Community

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Monday, June 26, 2023 1:43 AM


Valorant's competitive gameplay is all about team composition and strategy. Choosing a role in Valorant can significantly impact your team's success, and each role requires a specific skill set and playstyle. The role selection screen is an essential part of the game that determines the course of action for the game. Recently, a popular Reddit post by user 6Migi0 raised the question of why players choose specific roles in Valorant.

Sentinel Players

According to 6Migi0, playing as a sentinel is a popular role preference among Valorant players. Sentinels are defensive agents that specialize in protecting areas of the map. Players who play sentinels enjoy the ability to protect themselves from flanks and lurkers. As 6Migi0 explains, playing as Killjoy offers the chance to deploy bots as a form of protection, eliminating the need to rely on teammates to watch their back.

Initiator Players

Initiators, on the other hand, are the opposite of sentinels. They are the frontline assault agents who gather information and initiate attacks. Players who enjoy playing initiators like Skye and Gecko enjoy assisting in entry fragging and supporting aggressive playstyles. As DroidOnPC explained, he used to play a Duelist role and was always having trouble with entry fragging. He then concluded that playing as Sova would be better suited for his playing style as he could use recon to get information and aim towards the right areas. The ability to clear corners and gain information was an essential aspect of the initiator role Mohitops.

Duelists and Entry Frag Players

Players who enjoy the thrill of gunplay fancy the Duelist role as it gives them the chance to be the secondary attacker or initiator. However, playing as a duelist comes with its challenges, primarily being targeted and focused during a match. Playing a duelist requires a certain level of confidence and skill to make the impact you need in a match. As -madyson- explained, he/she prefers playing Neon over Jett or Reyna, who are traditionally seen to have similar playstyles. -madyson- likes to enter the site first, gather information, and then comm to his teammates for trades.

Controllers and Their Role

Last but not least, controllers are essential agents that control an area or zone of the map. They use their abilities to block off or deny enemy attacks. Players who like playing controllers enjoy being in a supportive role, assisting their teammates to enhance their position and using their abilities to set up kills. As Mohitops explains, playing as an Omen or Brimstone allows him to control the map's areas in the way he desires.


Now that we have looked at why certain players choose specific roles in Valorant, we can see that there are many factors to consider when deciding which role to take. The decision ultimately boils down to players' strengths, weaknesses, and playstyles. Personal preferences, play history, and expertise all play a role in deciding which agent is best suited for any given situation. No matter what role one decides to play, it is important to understand the objectives and rotate with their team's strategies to maximize their potential.


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