Why are Support Characters Penalised by the Rank System

Posted by Steve

Thursday, December 31, 2020 12:31 PM

From my own experience with hundreds of games in ranked now playing, Cypher / Omen / Viper / Jett / Raze, it is significantly more efficient to climb ranks with a duellist.

The ranking systems seems to be heavily weighted by the average combat score. The main problem is that when you win a game with a support characters, the system looks at your score and determines that you didn't contribute much, so gives you one or maybe two green arrows if your lucky. And then when you lose it again looks at your score and if it is low it will give you three red arrows, and basically screws you over.

I like playing support, but as Cypher for example, I'm averaging around 150-200 combat score, whereas with Raze I can consistently hit high 250 - 300. I can occasionally top frag with a Cypher, but I'm just talking about averages.

I've played hundreds of ranked games now and this bugs me when I want to play a support role.

If your going to make support rank up less slowly, then they should also not be treated as harshly for losses.


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