Am I just bad at this game? - UPDATE

Posted by Steve

Monday, November 28, 2022 9:38 PM

5 days ago, I posted this thread asking you guys about how to improve from being hardstuck:

Some of your replies are really helpful (not all though, lol), and I applied some in my games. Over the last few days, I've managed to climb from Gold 3 0rr to Plat 2 50 rr with a 10-game winstreak. I warmed up with 2 deathmatches before playing and 1 deathmatch between every game. I filled every team comps from smoke to initiator to sentinel to duelist, and comm every game. I igl'd some games and led my team to victories. I focused more on decision making and crosshair placement.

So, I guessed that I'm not that bad (I mean plat is still low elo), but it was just because I was a very casual player before. For all of you that offered helpful tips, thank you!

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