Cypher tripwires needs justice

Posted by Steve

Friday, May 13, 2022 8:12 PM

I love Playing cypher. been playing him for a long time and my biggest complain about his kits is his tripwires. It is absurd how disrespected it is, now with the introduction of Fade it's barely useful, few days ago I played a game and the enemy team had Raze and Fade... and I literally got no value out of my trips, either one of them always broke my trips. Fade with her prowler when I use my trips for info, I do get info but still she just breaks it so easily and unintentionally and that's messed up, and when I use kill trips Raze's boom bot triggers my trip and even completely ignores and goes on... like absolutely no value out of the trips. it is so frustrating to play against a raze or even with a raze, even your own raze always breaks your trips... its so stupid in my opinion, I think the trips shouldn't be breakable with abilities except maybe yoru clone which makes sense. Cyphers trip is useless in games like these and I would like changes (sorry if my English is bad)



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