Deadlock Official Gameplay Reveal in Valorant

Posted by Steve

Monday, June 26, 2023 2:41 AM

Deadlock Overview

Deadlock is a new agent announced by Valorant, with an official gameplay reveal available on their official website. Based on the video and comments from the community, she appears to be a mix of sentinel and initiator. One user, tank01909, commented on the Reddit post stating that she looks like a 'bit more aggressive and playmaking sentinel agent', this could mean that she comes equipped with abilities that can aggressively push onto sites while still supporting the team.

Ultimate Ability

Many comments from the community seemed focused on Deadlock's ultimate ability. According to the video, her ultimate ability appears to create a large, circular barrier that holds enemies in place. One thing to note is that the barrier still allows enemies to peek over it. The role the barrier plays is so far still up for speculation, but one user, Xinger, did ask 'Someone explain wat do when 1v1 deadlock ult', which suggests that the ultimate ability is daunting and demands attention. The implication here being that it's difficult to win a 1v1 situation once Deadlock's ultimate is in place.

Reactions from the community

Overall, the community appears excited about Deadlock and her abilities. One user, Trazzster, noted that they found the new agent to be 'fun' but that they would 'die to her ult every time'. This sentiment suggests that the agent's ultimate ability already has players thinking it is a potentially powerful tool for controlling certain situations.



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