[Episode 2 Lore Teasers] VALORANT's Various Instagram Profiles Posted Several Teaser Images Today!

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Sunday, January 10, 2021 2:26 AM

[Episode 2 Lore Teasers] VALORANT's Various Instagram Profiles Posted Several Teaser Images Today!


Despite the leaks that have unfortunately ruined many of the surprises Riot had lined up for us, I think we owe it to them to at the very least break down the teasers they released today on Instagram.

I'm going to refrain from using information that was including in the Dev Build leaks.

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The teases began with a post from playVALORANT (NA) on Instagram:

This first image was used in their stories to link to the other posts. We can see a redacted image of our upcoming Agent, suspected name Yoru (Teased in the Creative Team's End of Year Dev Blog).

"OSIRS LNK" possibly Osiris the Egyptian God of Death? This may be a call back to the Memento Mori card in Act 3's battle pass.

"WS DC" is short for Washington D.C. which will be confirmed by the next image.

Here we see the Washington Monument in the background, and what appears to be some Radiant energy in front of a Kingdom Facility. We assume this to be Yoru's doing.

This next image came from Brazil's VALORANT Instagram account.

We see Raze's hand, and her messages with Brimstone. She's standing in front of some iconic architecture in Salvador, Brazil.

Here's a translation of their conversation (thanks to EllyZinhx!):R: “Saw this online.”R: “do you know anything about it?”B: “it’s confidential”R: “ughhh, you’re boring.”

I love how they put her GunBuddy on her Phone.

The next image comes from VALORANT LATAM:

We see Reyna's pointy shoe stepping over a newspaper with the following headline:

Mysterious Blue RadianceIt blinds assistants from Kingdom press event.”(Thanks to @Tofu_Crisp for the translation!)

(Oh! -and Phoenix is there at the bottom of the page!)

VALORANT Turkey posted the next teaser, an image with audio that translates to the following:

"I saw nothing, I was sweeping the floor then I saw some weird sound not like electricity it was weird then a sudden feeling of spookiness came -I was alone at the night shift then I heard footsteps. I followed the steps, but saw nothing -I made them look at the cameras afterwards, there was nothing on the cameras too. I’m working here since 1991 this Ankara (capital of Turkey) Kingdom facility is newly built. I’m so confused, is there something under it?”

(Thanks to @/valomemer for this translation!)

This audio is Cypher interviewing a janitor working at a Kingdom facility that Yoru took a peek into.

Peep the KingdomPods though.

Next, we have a post from VALORANT Russia

We see a Radianite Rift opening into a sunlit city through the lens of a dashcam.

The caption reads: "The recorder of an extreme sportsman who conquered another off-road filmed a gigantic breakthrough in reality in Siberia. Inside the gap... It all started there." (Google did this translation)

Lastly, we were brought back to the NA account:

Here we see some paint thrown about a Kingdom facility door, with Kanji on the ground:

It roughly translates to “Regret/ Disappointment/Sorry" (but likely in a cheeky tone)(@pe_rackcity provided this translation!)

The mask drawn on the door shares the imagery we've come to associate with Yoru, VP-15 (Confirmed as of the release of his Spotify Playlist).

What is this all leading too?

We're likely seeing Yoru make his way across the globe in search of the Samurai armor on Icebox Site A. His teases in the Battle Pass and on Icebox heavily suggest Japanese origins, with a tie to the bloodline that owned the War Ship that is being picked apart by Kingdom, undoubtedly because it is Radianite infused.

The "Intruder Alert" displays we see on Icebox are almost certainly referring to his presence there at the Kingdom Artic Research facility.

That being said, can we appreciate how amazing these teasers are?

Riot is effectively bringing different regions and parts of the community together to piece together a narrative using language and our mutual love for the game.

Amazing work from the Creative Team!

Wishing you all the best! - Cynprel


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