Gunplay skill level

Posted by Steve

Saturday, April 10, 2021 3:38 AM


I was Immortal 3 just before open beta almost one year ago and haven't played since.

3 days ago i reinstalled Valorant since i was interested in playing a competitive tactical shooter once again but soon came to realise alot have changed. (obviously my skill has decayed to almost rock bottom as well)

I want to talk about the fact that at my current recalibration which is silver 2, it seems like 90% of my encounters i either headshot them first or its me that gets insta tapped.

Therefore what comes to my mind is, now ranks separate skill levels differently than before, which is utility usage, positioning and teamplay rather than aim skill since it seems people can shoot just fine at any rank.

I wanted to know if this is a fact and indeed what i have to do is find a consistent team to play with and build strategies and defaults or if it is still possible to rank up to immortal or who knows maybe even radiant as a solo.

Must mention im apparently in love with yoru and i find him pretty good given the fact that i am an extremely agressive player while also appreciating his teamplay potential.

Any tips/advice and discussion is welcome, please no toxicity tho.



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