How to get out of gold

Posted by Steve

Wednesday, February 1, 2023 11:33 AM

What helped me was the following:

- communicating more:

This is essential man, even if you're introverted or don't like talking much giving comms is literally getting free information

- don't overextend

This one is a bit tricky since sometimes it can be unexpected to push a team on defense, however generally you want to simply hold the site with safe angles as well having someone to trade you.

- treat utility like any other weapon

You don't want to waste your util in the first few seconds of a round, a lot of times as a sage main I used to place my wall as soon as the round started however this is not necessary since if they don't push the site of my wall then I practically wasted a huge part of my kit. A better strategy for example would be to get information from an initiator or jiggle peak entry, and THEN place the wall or slow orb etc.

- utility dumping

This is a great one but can be very hard to pull of in solo queue without proper team synergy and comms. Util dumping is very overwhelming when done correctly, an example of this could be having a breach flash , brim smoke, viper wall, etc all at the same time in a synchronous fashion whilst pushing site. This will completely throw off what the defense should focus on as there are many things going at once along with the added pressure of you (the attackers) pushing on site. The downsides of this however are using too much util the point where playing post-plant becomes very tricky.

- positive mentality

Yes, yes, y e s. Many have said it before me, but I'll say it again. The best way to learn is through failure, but you have to use that failure to turn into success. Some ways to achieve that is by not blaming your teammates and always trying to see what YOU could have done better (even if it really was your teammates fault). The hard thing about this is that sometimes people blame themselves too much when trying to learn rather than focusing on picking up why they messed up in that situation in the first place. While it is good to avoid blaming your teammates, make sure you understand why you died instead of just acknowledging it.

- clearing maps

This one is personal preference in regards to how you should practice it, since most people will say deathmatch helps a lot since there are real moving players and maps that are in comp etc. But personally that never worked for me as I struggle to play deathmatch without getting tilted 30 seconds in, I mean it's not our fault realistically for getting mad when we die every 5 seconds. So instead, I made my own custom with enabled cheats (to pause map timer) and chose my desired map to clear. And just like that, by shifting/walking across the whole map multiple times (yeah it's boring af) I've drilled the angles and muscle memory to clear those angles into my head so many times that I can just autopilot the entire process. The whole point of this is to be able to stop focusing on clearing angles and instead focusing on crosshair placement and the actual game itself. When you practice this you will start to see a big difference in your clutches as the only thing you worry about is the enemy.

- enable HRTF

This may not make much of a difference because of the quality of some people's headsets, but for me oh lord... let's just say I couldn't tell the difference from left to right before, but with HRTF on it's like having a 6th sense. If you have trouble with spatial awareness and general audio issues try this one out.

- nvidia reflex

Pretty self explanatory, reduces latency by a lot and your game will feel more *crisp*

Alright that's pretty much all I got folks, tbh I don't know why I made this just felt like helping yall out if you were in a similar situation like me. All in all try these tips out for at least a week and you will definitely see some type of positive changes in your gameplay. Cheers!



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