One SOVA Lineup You NEED To KNOW - A Guide From Reddit User YoutubeRemvalorant

Posted by Steve

Monday, June 26, 2023 5:05 AM


Valorant players are always on the hunt for new tricks and strategies to get ahead of the competition. One such strategy lies in Sova's Shock Dart, and Reddit user YoutubeRemvalorant has shared one specific lineup that is worth knowing. This lineup has been discussed extensively on the Valorant subreddit and has garnered a lot of attention from experienced players. Here, we provide a detailed guide to this lineup and how it can be used in-game.

The Lineup

The lineup that is being discussed in this post involves using Sova's Shock Dart ability to hit the default position for defenders at the A site on Split. The dart is fired from the B site's alley and lands on the wall above the A site's bridge. The post by YoutubeRemvalorant includes a video of the lineup being executed successfully in-game.

How to Use this Lineup

This particular lineup can be used to gain vital information about the enemy team's whereabouts and to catch them by surprise. As Azuria_4 mentioned in the post's comments, it can be an excellent dart for a Sova that wants to recon for their team and catch the rotating defense off-guard. This lineup also allows you to fake a push onto B site, as mentioned by 1337atreyu in the comments.

Pros and Cons

There are a few things to consider when using this lineup. As ThatOneDudeRN mentioned in the comments, you can only use this lineup once or twice per game before the enemy team anticipates it and adapts their gameplay accordingly. However, this lineup can still be useful in the early rounds of the game to catch the enemy team off-guard and gain crucial information that can be used to your advantage in future rounds.


In conclusion, the Sova lineup shared by YoutubeRemvalorant on Reddit is a valuable addition to any player's strategy who prefer to play as Sova. It can be used to gain important information and even catch the enemy team by surprise in some rounds. However, as with any new lineup, it is always best to practice it in a custom game or practice area before using it in a real competitive game. By using this particular lineup, you may have a slight advantage in your gameplay and potentially win critical rounds for your team.



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