The HEADSHOT text is a dopamine boost & also a newbie incentive

Posted by Steve

Sunday, March 26, 2023 10:50 PM

There's just a satisfying biochemical impulse reading the text as it appears. If I am a newbie playing the game, there's just an incentive if I am to know that my bullets hits the head. I know there's a banner difference between a headshot kill or a normal kill - but it's just not as prominent compared to a text that is very visible on top of the banner.

What do you guys think? Anyway, please return it or make in an option for people who need it.

Edit1: this is the context I think, they could just announce it officially (It's not written in the patch notes at all) or make it a toggle to help people who are either impaired or already familiar with the hs text. Yes, it might be a clutter too but some people rely on it. Unless perhaps the devs want to deter unhealthy habits. But they should at least explain officially. Sorry if this end up making noise for some people, I didn't mean that.



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