VALORANT Episode 3 Act 1 Update Notes

Posted by Steve

Wednesday, June 9, 2021 2:40 AM

I know, after we were incompetent pricks on the last patch, you thought we'd under-deliver again.

Well boy were you wrong! Starting from Episode 3 Act 1, expect to see a 2-3 fps increase on ALL devices! That's right. ALL devices. Last patch you thought we didn't care about our low-end playerbase, but we're certain that after seeing your 20 fps skyrocket to 22 fps you'll change your mind.

Before this patch, the community unanimously agreed that Yoru was the worst agent in the game. However, that's all about to change. Yoru's Fakeout (C) has now been changed to be much louder than real player's footsteps, which is sure to frighten enemies into oblivion resulting in easy kills. To compensate for this enormous buff, Yoru's Blindside (Q) can no longer affect enemies.

As Astra was added to the game, it quickly became apparent that her abilities were too powerful and had little counterplay; but that's all about to change. Starting from now, Astra's Gravity Well (C) AND Nova Pulse (Q) have a radius that's 0.1m lower than before. These groundbreaking changes will certainly place Astra in a more balanced position in the meta.

Similar to Astra, Viper suddenly saw a skyrocket in pickrate and became one of the most devastating agents to play against. To balance her, we've decided that her Snake Bite (C) should now do half damage to Killjoy turrets. That's right, HALF!

Finally, since poor Jett had been dethroned from the #1 spot for some time, we're gonna compensate by making her only need 2 Ultimate Points to use her Ult.


  • Limited the AFK penalty to 5 minutes for Competitive.


  • 2-3 FPS boost across all devices.


  • Yoru Fakeout (C) volume increased. Yoru Blindside (Q) cannot blind enemies.
  • Astra Gravity Well (C) and Nova Pulse (Q) radius decreased.
  • Viper's Snake Bite (C) no longer affects Killjoy Turrets (E)
  • Jett requires only 2 points to use her ultimate.



  • Fixed a bug where Yoru could move while in his ultimate, Dimensional Drift.

We really hope you enjoy this brand new update. As VALORANT moves into Episode 3, we wanted to start of on a great foot by introducing these groundbreaking, community-requested changes. It can be tough sometimes as a small indie gamedev company, but we made sure to give it our all this update.

// Geoff Lambda




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