Why don't people like slow pushes?

Posted by Steve

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 3:09 AM

I lose so many games because on offense we just burst in and go hard over and over. Is it a low IQ thing or are the majority of players just gung ho impatient Rambo wannabes?

It just makes zero sense to me. Especially on Icebox.. we will get flanked over and over. And it's so easy to wait back in spawn and pick people off as they flank, but nobody wants to do it.

I suggest a slow push or a hold and wait for defenders to push to get some picks.. sometimes we will do it once, and we will win that round. But then they revert straight back to hard pushes the next round and it never stops from there.

I hate sprinting into sites with util coming hard at us and not knowing who is around what corner. I don't think the game is supposed to be played that way. We have plenty of time in rounds and it's there to be used.

What I find is that unless you are playing against a 5 stack, you will always get some impatient person that will try to flank or peek on defense. It's the easiest pick of all if we are all waiting for him, and the round suddenly then becomes a 4 v 5.

So, to summarize. Does anyone know a reason why people are so reluctant to hold back? Is it IQ? impatience? Ego? Sometimes I even get them talking down on me for suggesting it, like its something to be ashamed of to camp spawn... but IMO if the other team is dumb enough to wander back there, then it's our gain.

And this also ties in with people not wanting to rotate after a pick. This is another thing I don't get. After a pick and heavy util... smokes, grens, cypher cages coming at you... why push into that? It's already a 4 v 5 and the entire other team has most likely rotated to the site.. maybe except one of them... why not rotate immediately? Instead they hang around in a gun battle with people you can't see, they try to enter and get killed one by one until I'm the last person left and I don't even bother rotating because it's a 4 V 1 and my chances of survival are low anyway.


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