Will there ever be a sentinel with flashes?

Posted by Steve

Tuesday, January 24, 2023 9:38 AM

I got curious if this is ever possible. Because some of the utilities of sentinels are usually weaker versions of other roles' utility.

Cypher has cylindrical smokes. KJ has a molly. Cypher and KJ have cams and turrets that can recon. Chamber has a TP which is a movement ability. And Sage has a wall. While their trips and slows are truly sentinel utilities.

I imagine if a sentinel had a flash, it would be a bot that can pop flash out of a corner. It will activate if you press the use key or if it detects an enemy. You have some time to break it before it'll flash but you are detected by then, like a trip. Using this bot, you can fake your position or peek out of a different side of the area while flashing. But these bots are slow, needing a second to be active.

And this agent could also have a bot that inflates look a likes of you. When these get shot, they blind in the direction of the shot.

And he has a bot, that either moves in a straight line or in place. He can teleport to that bot, as long as he is near an anchor. He can make the bot malfunction to serve as a fake.

I just described Yoru if he became a huge nerd instead.


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